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Boron oxide

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Detailed description

Boron oxide

Chinese Name: boron oxide

English Name: Boron Oxide, Boric Anhydride, and Boron Trioxide

CAS: 1303-86-2

HS: 28100010

EINECS: 215-125-8

Molecular formula: B2O3

Molecular weight: 69.62



Boron oxide is a colorless glass - like crystal or powder. The surface is hard and brittle, soapy, tasteless. It is stable under heating or white heat,even it is not reduced by carbon.But it can be reduced to monomer boron by alkali metals, magnesium and aluminum. At about 600, it becomes a sticky liquid. Boric anhydride absorbs water very strongly in air and produces boric acid. Soluble in acid, ethanol, hot water, slightly soluble in cold water. Boric oxide can be combined with some metal oxides to form boron glass with characteristic color. It can be completely miscible with alkali metals, copper, silver, lead, arsenic, antimony and bismuth oxide.

The density of crystalline boron oxide is 2.46g/cm3, the density of amorphous boron oxide is 1.80~1.84g/ cm3, melting point: 557 , solubility: (g/100gH2O): 1.1 (0), 15.7 (100) very easy to absorb water, after hygroscopic, it is turbid, and also soluble in alcohol.

When temperature is low, B2O3 crystal can be obtained by H3BO3 dehydration. The crystal contains a BO4 tetrahedron structure with a density of 1.805g.Cm-3 and a melting point of 450. The density of glassy boric oxide is 1.795, which softens gradually when the temperature rises. When it reaches the red hot high temperature, it becomes liquid and boiling point is 1500. Boron and oxygen are directly combined to obtain B2O3.


Usage of boron oxide:

It used as solvent for the decomposition of boron oxide silicate .

It can be used for dopant in semiconductor materials.

It can be applied to the additives for heat resistance glass and fire resistant paint .

It is the main raw material for producing boron elements and various borides.

It applies for alloy steel production in the metallurgical industry, producing high energy fuel.

It is the raw material of glaze.

It is used as a chemical heat treatment of boron solution raw material of the machinery industry.

It is the catalyst for organic synthesis.

It used as lubricant additives at high temperature.

Boron oxide used in atomic energy and electronic industry, or in other sectors in the national economy.


Packing: 25/kg bag, plastic woven, kraft paper.


Precautions for storage and transportation:

1, the product is harmless,non-poisonous, non inflammable, and can be stored and transported by general chemicals.

2, Store in cool and dry place, prevent rain and damp, avoid eating by mistake.

Boron oxide

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