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Anhydrous borax

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Detailed description

Anhydrous borax

Chinese Name: anhydrous borax (anhydrous sodium borate four)

English Name: Anbydrous Borax

CAS login number: 1330-43-4

HS login number: 2840110000

EINECS: 215-540-4

Molecular formula: Na2B4O7

Molecular weight: 201.22


Anhydrous borax is also called four sodium borate, and the melting point of alpha trapezoid crystal is 742.5. The density is 2.28, the melting point of beta trapezoid crystal is 664. The density is 2.75, the character is white crystalline or colorless glass like crystal, which is hygroscopic, soluble in water and glycerol, and slowly dissolved in methanol. The solution can form a concentration of 13-16%, and its aqueous solution is weak alkaline, insoluble and insoluble. Alcohol. Anhydrous borax is an anhydrous substance obtained when borax is heated to 350~400 C. In air, it can be changed to ten water borax or five water borax.

Technical indexes of anhydrous borax

Anhydrous borax

Application scope:

Anhydrous borax is the basic raw material for the preparation of boric compounds. Almost all boron compounds can be prepared by borax.

It is used for high-quality anhydrous borax glass, glaze, flux, nonferrous metals and alloy solvent etc..

Some other properties similar with anhydrous borax borax.

Note: borax is a stable crystal under normal storage conditions, it will not react with chemical reaction, but if it is wet, it will release trace heat from water and produce ten borax. Therefore, it needs to be properly kept, not exposed to wet or temperature changing environment. It's necessary to install it.

Packing: 25kg/ bag, interior plastic.

Matters needing attention in storage and transportation: 1. This product is non-toxic, harmless, non flammable and explosive, and can be stored and transported by general chemicals.

2, put in a cool, dry place, rain, moisture, avoid eating.

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Address: No. 517, Xiangyang Chemical Industrial Park, old border area, Yingkou, Liaoning.

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