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Boron Nitride

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Detailed description

Boron Nitride

Chinese Name: Boron nitride

English Name: Boron Nitride

CAS encoding: 10043-11-5

HS encoding: 2850000090

EINECS encoding: 233-136-6

Molecular formula: BN

Molecular weight: 24.18 (according to the international atomic volume of 1979)

Quality standard: enterprise standard: Q/YLH001-2006



Boron nitride is a crystal composed of nitrogen and boron atoms. The crystal structure is divided into hexagonal boron nitride (HBN), close-packed hexagonal boron nitride (WBN) and cubic boron nitride. The crystal structure of hexagonal boron nitride has a similar graphite layered structure, which presents a white powder of loose, lubricated, moisture absorption, light quantity etc. It is also known as "white graphite". The theory density 2.27g/cm³, proportion: 2.43, Mohs’scale of hardness: 2.

Hexagonal boron nitride has good electrical insulation, thermal conductivity, chemical stability, no obvious melting point, in 0.1MPA nitrogen 3000, or in the neutral reduction, heat-resisting to 2000, reaching to 2800℃ in nitrogen and argon. It has poor stability in the oxygen atmosphere, the use of temperature below 1000 degrees. The expansion coefficient of hexagonal boron nitride is equivalent to that of quartz in 1000, but the thermal conductivity is ten times that of quartz.

 It also has good lubricity at high temperature. It is a fine high temperature solid lubricant. It has strong neutron absorption capacity, stable chemical properties and chemical inertness to almost all molten metal.

Hexagonal boron nitride is insoluble in cold water, the hydrolysis is very slow and a small amount of boric acid and ammonia can be produced while boiling water. It can not react with the weak acid and strong alkali at room temperature. All kinds of inorganic acids, alkali, salt solution and organic solvents have good corrosion resistance.

Hexagonal boron nitride is one of the excellent thermal conductive materials in ceramic materials. The thermal conductivity is ten times as high as quartz. The high thermal conductivity of hot pressure products is the same with pure iron that are 33W/M.K. The expansion coefficient is equivalent to quartz. It is very small in ceramics, so the thermal shock resistance is first rate. At the same time it is also very good ceramic insulation materials for high temperature , penetrable for microwave and infrared ray.


Hexagonal boron nitride has the advantages of no abrasions, good lubricity, and easy fire resistance in mechanical properties. In terms of electrical characteristics, it has the advantages of good dielectric strength, low dielectric constant, low loss at high frequency, microwave penetration, and good electrical insulation.

Hexagonal boron nitride has the advantages of high heat conduction, high heat capacity, low thermal expansion, thermal shock resistance, high temperature lubrication and high temperature safety in terms of thermal properties. In terms of chemical properties, it has the advantages of non-toxic, chemical stability, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, low humidity, biological stability and non staining.


Hexagonal boron nitride physicochemical indexes:

Boron Nitride

Usage of Hexagonal boron nitride:

Hexagonal boron nitride can be used in the manufacture of TiB2/BN composite ceramics,advanced refractory and super hard materials. The separation ring of horizontal continuous rolling steel is used for high temperature lubricants and high temperature coatings as well as the synthesis of cubic boron nitride.


Application scope:

It is release agent for metal forming and lubricant for metal wire drawing .

It is special electrolytes and high resistance materials under the high temperature conditions.

It is apply for high temperature solid lubricants, extruding antiwear additives, additives of ceramic composites, refractory materials and antioxidant additives, especially for molten metal Fust, heat enhancement additives and high temperature resistant insulating materials.

It is apply for additive of polymer such as transistors heat sealing and plastic resin.

It can be pressed into various shapes of the boron nitride products that such as the components for high temperature and high pressure, insulation and cooling.

It is a heat shielding materials in aerospace.

Under the participation of catalyst,with high temperature and high pressure processing, it can be transformed cubic boron nitride that is as hard as the diamond.

It is the structure of materials for nuclear reactor.

It applies for making the nozzle for aircraft and rocket engine.

It is insulator of high voltage high frequency electrical and plasma arc.

It is a packaging materials of neutron radiation to prevent the radiation .

It is can be made of super hard material, which used for high speed cutting tools, geological exploration, oil drilling bit.

Boron nitride used in metallurgy for continuous casting steel separation ring, non crystalline iron flow notch, continuous casting aluminum release agent (all kinds of optical glass stripping agent).

It is used in aluminizing evaporator for various capacitor,tube, display etc..

It is suitable for all kinds of aluminizing for fresh-keeping packaging bag.

Boron nitride used in a variety of laser anti-counterfeiting aluminum plating, trademark bronzing materials, all kinds of cigarette labels, beer labels, packaging boxes,aluminum plated of cigarette packs,etc.

Boron nitride is apply for cosmetics, such as stuffing lipstick. It is nontoxic, lubricated and glossy.It is the best lipstick in France.



Packing: 1 kg / aluminum foil bag

10 kg / box


Matters needing attention in storage and transportation: 1. This product is non-toxic, harmless, non flammable and non explosive. It can be transported and transported by general chemicals.

2, Store in cool, dry place, rain-proof, moisture-proof, avoid eating.

Boron Nitride

Boron Nitride

Boron Nitride

Boron Nitride

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