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Detailed description

Product Name: monomer boron

English Name: Monomer-Boron

Alias: boron powder, elemental boron, amorphous boron powder

English alias: Amorphous element boron

CAS encoding: 7440-42-8

HS encoding: 28500000

EINECS encoding: 231-151-2

Element symbol: B

Atomic quantity: 10.8 (according to the international atomic volume of 1979)

Quality standard: enterprise standard: (Q/YLH002-2006)



Boron has several allotropes, amorphous boron called elemental boron and monomer boron. It is a brown powder or gray lustrous crystal, the chemical nature is lively. It is stable under air and room temperature. It can be oxidized at 300 and burned at 700. The flame is red when burning, and the boron flame of micro gasification is green. It is insoluble in objects that are water, hydrochloric acid, ethanol and ether. It can be dissolved in cold concentrated alkali solution and decomposed into hydrogen, oxidized by concentrated nitric acid and concentrated sulfuric acid to form boric acid. Boron can interact with oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, halogen and carbon at high temperature. Boron can also be directly combined with many metals to form boride. Boron reacts with organic compounds to form a compound that combines directly with carbon and is oxygenate with boron or carbon.

In the periodic table, the monomer boron is divided into metal and non metal demarcation line special position, which is the dominant element of non-metallic property. It has strong negative power, small atomic radius, nuclear charge concentration, non-metallic properties and silicon similar. Its density is 2.35g/cm3. The hardness is 9.3, the specific gravity is 2.33-2.45, the melting point is 2300, and the boiling point is 2550.


Monomer boron technical index:


Application scope:

Some amorphous strip.

First solar electronic paste.

Neutron absorber and neutron counter, nuclear reactor.

Some medicine, ceramic industry and organic synthesis catalyst.

Ignitor for the electronics industry .

high-energy fuel for solid rocket propulsion.

It should be used for the synthesis of various monomer boron high purity boron compounds.

It can be used for initiator of automobile safety gas.

It applied to special alloy steel.

It is the raw material of monomer boron fiber .

It is a gas scavenger in molten copper.

It can be used in fireworks.

It is an important raw material for manufacturing high purity boron halide.

On respect of semiconductors and electric power, it is used as cathode material for the ignition tube after carbonization at about 2300 C. It also can be used as raw material for production of high quality cathode material --lanthanum boride.

Some monomer boron used as a protective material in the atomic energy industry , made of boron steel for nuclear reactor.

It is a raw materials for borane and various boride.  Borane can be used as a high-energy fuel for rockets and missiles.


Safety instructions: This product is industrial grade, not edible, edible poisonous, inhalation influences the central nervous system, or gastrointestinal stimulation and boron poisoning, operation need to wear safety respirator, rubber gloves.


Packing: 1 kg / aluminum foil bag

10 kg / box


Storage and transportation items: 1. This product is not inflammable and explosive, and can be stored and transported by general chemicals.

2, Store in cool, dry place, rain-proof, moisture-proof, avoid eating.




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