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Borax traditional Chinese medicine use anhydrous borax manufacturer to explain the following

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Borax Chinese medicine uses borax manufacturer without water to explain as follows:

Essential information

[alias] moonrock

[source] the crystallized crystallization of borax.

[main origin] Qinghai, Tibet, Shaanxi and so on.

[method] after the ore has been dug out, it is dissolved in boiling water and filtered out impurities. The filtrate is cooled and crystallized out and dried out.

[sexual taste] is sweet, salty, and cool. Lung and stomach.

[functional indications] external use heat clearing and detoxicating, detumescence, anticorrosion; take orally, clear lung and dissipate phlegm. It is used for acute tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sore throat, tongue ulcer, stomatitis, gingivitis, otitis media, red swelling and pain, and sweat spots, which are commonly used for the diseases of the five organs. It is used for phlegm heat cough and choking, but it is less used in modern times.

[usage] external use, apply to the affected area with other drug powder paint. Or external washing, or preparation of eye agents for external use.

[attention] not in general. (traditional Chinese medicine into the pill, every 1.5-3.0g.)

[patent medicine] ice borax (surgical Orthodox) borneol, borax, Glauber's salt and cinnabar.

And for the treatment of mouth sores, sore throat.

[excerpts] compendium of Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese pharmacology.

[textual research] came from the 1. version of "Materia Medica": Peng Sha, southern color brown, its flavor and its effective speed; western people, its color is white, its flavor is coke, its work is slow.

2. "compendium": borax, southwest. Yellow and white two, West South Yellow White such as alum, such as peach gum, is refined form, such as sal ammoniae. West soft detergent, kill hardware, and saltpeter and arsenolite by Gong, too.

Processing method

Borax: grind into fine powder. Calcined borax: Smash borax into small pieces, heat it in a pot, stir fry until the bubbles are made into snow and white lump, remove and cool.

1. "compendium": borax, flying dust.

Pictures of borax (22 pieces)

2. "materia medica of seeking truth: borax, licorice soup, fried with pine microflame.

Attention: borax is commonly known as sodium borate. It is white or colorless crystalline powder. Because of its high toxicity, many countries in the world are prohibited from food additives. Borax is very harmful to human health. Continuous intake will accumulate in the body and impair the enzymes of the digestive tract. The acute poisoning symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, erythema, disturbance of circulatory system, shock, coma and so on. Excessive intake of boron can cause multiple organ intoxication. Borax adult poisoning dose is 1-3 grams, adult lethal dose is 15 grams, infant lethal dose is 2-3 grams.

Part of the prescription

1, acute pharyngitis: borax (Sheng Yan), alum (Shengyan) 3G, one nail (Crisp), rhino yellow 0.3g. On the fine, to rotten meat 9g frost Mei, research is divided into 4 pill, take 1 pills each time, melt in the mouth. Borax in the square of heat and dissipate phlegm, for the monarch medicine.

2. swelling of eye pain: Borax 150g, chuanxiong, Jing Jie, mirabilite, Angelica dahurica, gypsum, chrysanthemum each 30g, myrrh 15g, musk a little. For fine powder, rice paste pill, the Indus sub large, hot water under. Borax in the square of heat and detoxification, for the monarch medicine.

3., treat phrenic Qi, choking, choking, cough, breath, phlegm and breathing, and air stasis. No lifting and lowering: Borax 6G, Dan Sha 12g, Croton cream 9g, yizhi Ren, Guan GUI 15g. On the individual research into fine powder, mixing evenly, with glutinous rice porridge for the pill, such as large pock. Every 1-2 pills was taken, and after eating, it was dry and swallowed. Borax, clearing away heat and detoxicating, clearing away heat and resolving phlegm, is the king's medicine.

Literature discussion

1, "Compendium of Materia Medica": borax, taste Ganwei Viagra gas cooler, white and light, so it can go to the chest and diaphragm heat. "Q" cloud, excessive internal heat, to treat cold and salty, sweet is too slow. The performance of soft hardware to dirty, so the treatment of bone tuberculosis YeGe accumulation, choking. The meat with the evil Yin Kui, the soft material; phlegm heat, eyes hidden by the detergent, too.

2, "materia Sutra": borax, white and light body, the diaphragm can solve the phlegm heat of lung. Xin powder can be bitter, salty discharge, soft, so phlegm, cough, pharyngitis and crux of the problem is broken. Its sexual soft metal, to get rid of the greasy, cut to use, dissipate for energy, should attack more than enough, difficult to implement insufficient, this temporary medicine, not long service agent.

3, "materia medica words": borax, of phlegm, throat, eye screen to the medicine. This light infiltration agent such as devoiced, please close air breathing disease is unfavorable, phlegm fire knot, the emperor.

4, "Hua Zi": phlegm cough, the broken in Adam's apple ".

5, "materia medica Yan Yi": contain pharyngitis, treat swelling and pain in the throat, phlegm heat on the diaphragm.

6, "Compendium of Materia Medica": cure the phlegm heat, Shengjin liquid, go to the breath, eliminate the barrier, except for choking and the stomach, accumulate lump and blood, Yin ulceration, bone hard sore and teeth and other diseases.

7, "herb Tong Xuan": a slain.

8, "seeking the origin of Materia Medica": while life is rotten and rotten, the flesh will grow.

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