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The monosomatic boron manufacturer introduces borax (mineral) for you

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The monosomatic boron manufacturer introduces borax (mineral) for you.

Borax, commonly known as Na2B4O7. 10H2O, is a very important boron mineral and boron compound. Usually white powder containing colorless crystals, soluble in water. Borax has a wide range of uses. It can be used as cleaning agent, cosmetics, insecticide, and can also be used for the preparation of buffer solutions and other boron compounds. The commercially available borax is often partially weathered. Borax is highly toxic, and many countries in the world have banned it as food additive. Excessive intake of boron can cause multiple organ intoxication.

It is mainly used in glass and enamel industry. In glass, the transmittance of UV can be enhanced, and the transparency and heat resistance of glass will be improved. In enamel products, can make the enamel is not easy to fall off and make it shine. In special optical glass,

Monosomatic boron


Glass fiber, nonferrous metal welding agent, jewel binder, printing and dyeing, washing (silk and wool), gold refining, cosmetics, pesticide, fertilizer, borax soap, antiseptic, antifreeze and medical disinfectant are also widely used.

Borax is the basic raw material for the preparation of boric compounds. Almost all boride compounds can be prepared by borax. They are important and widely used in metallurgy, steel, machinery, military industry, cutting tools, paper making, electron tube, chemical and textile industries.

In medicine, borax is used for the disinfection and antisepsis of skin and mucous membrane, fluorosis, tinea pedis, pulpitis, fungal vaginitis, cervical erosion, bedsore, acne, eczema of external ear canal, herpes viral dermatosis and epilepsy. It is used for the treatment of tumor. In animal medicine, borax is used for the treatment of chicken laryngotracheitis, goat infectious pustular disease, Mycoplasma porcine pneumonia, and chronic mucous endometritis of cattle. As a feed additive, people pay much attention to it.

Herbicide is used in herbicidal weed control in non farming areas. It is mixed with sodium chlorate alone to reduce the flammability of sodium chlorate. [2]

Borax is the most important industrial boron mineral in industry. Borax is the most important compound of boron. Boron is often listed as a rare element in foreign countries. However, there are abundant borax minerals in China. Therefore, boron is not a rare element in China but a high yield element. Borax is also used as a solid lubricant in industry for wire drawing and so on. In the welding and maintenance of refrigerators, electric freezers, air conditioners and so on, it is often used as (non active) flux to purify metal surfaces. Remove oxides on the surface of the metal; add a certain proportion of sodium chloride in borax. Compounds such as sodium fluoride and potassium chloride can be used as active flux for welding of copper tube and steel pipe, steel pipe and steel pipe in refrigeration equipment.

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Address: No. 517, Xiangyang Chemical Industrial Park, old border area, Yingkou, Liaoning.

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