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Control of graphene boundary on six dimensional boron nitride surface by Shanghai micro system

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Recently, Nanoscale magazine published an online publication of the National Key Laboratory of information functional materials of the Shanghai Institute of microsystems and information technology (Edge Control of Graphene Domains Grown on Hexagonal Boron Nitride) by the "Edge Control of Graphene Domains Grown on Hexagonal Boron Nitride". Important progress has been made by researchers such as Xiu and Wang Haomin in the field of controllable growth of graphene. This paper is the magazine cover article with pictures.

The ideal graphene is zero band gap half metal, and the boundary is an important factor affecting its electronic band structure. Achieving the boundary control of graphene domain is widely recognized as a frontier topic. However, this research is faced with multiple challenges without theoretical guidance and specific solutions. Therefore, the realization of controllable boundary and even band preparation is of great importance to the study of the basic physical properties of graphene and its application in electronics.

The direct growth of Shi Moxi on the insulating six angle boron nitride matrix and the control of the boundary can not only maintain the excellent intrinsic characteristics of graphene to the maximum extent, but also can be directly applied to nanoscale electronic devices after growth, avoiding the interfacial pollution and lattice damage caused by the metal matrix transfer. On the basis of the catalytic growth of graphene in the surface of boron nitride on the six corner of the six corners, the researchers of the micro system have successfully controlled the boundary of the crystalline domain of graphene by changing the ratio of carbon source gas (C2H2) to the catalytic gas (SiH4) for the first time. The boundary of the crystal domain can be in the armchair (Armchair) orientation and the sawtooth type (Zigz). AG) control between orientation. The boundary orientation recognition of graphene is realized by showing a Moore stripe superlattice on the surface of graphene with six angular boron nitride substrate, which is based on the atomic resolution atomic force microscopy (AFM) image. Based on this process, epitaxial growth on the six corners of boron nitride surface was achieved at a single step, and straight graphene ribbons with different Qu Xiangqie boundaries were successfully obtained.

The research results provide alternative schemes for large-scale preparation and energy band engineering of graphene nanoribbons.

In recent years, around the theme of high quality graphene materials for microelectronic applications, the team of Shanghai microsystems has stepped out of its distinctive research path, especially in the six corner boron nitride surface graphene. The team has achieved a series of original research results: boron nitride. The surface graphite nucleation mechanism (Carbon 50, 329 - 331 (2012)), graphene stacking orientation identification (Scientific Reports 3, 2666 (2013)), graphene domain gas phase catalytic growth (Nature Communications 6, 6499 (2015)), and graphene nanoscale controlled preparation (Nature Communications (2017, 8, 14703)).

The related research has been supported by the major special projects of the Ministry of science and technology, the prospective key deployment projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the B pilot project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. The research cooperation units include Shanghai University of science and technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Central South University and Shanghai Institute of Technological Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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