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Progress in graphene / six boron nitride planar heterojunction research

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New progress has been made in the study of graphene / six square boron nitride planar heterojunction in the Shanghai Institute of microsystems and information technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The research team led by researcher Xie Xiaoming successfully prepared the single atomic high quality graphene / six square boron nitride planar heterojunction by chemical vapor deposition (CVD), and applied it successfully. WSe2/MoS2 two dimensional photoelectric detection device. Research paper, Synthesis of High-Quality Graphene and Hexagonal Boron Nitride Monolayer In-Plane Heterostructure on, published in May 19th.

Shi Moxi (graphene) and six boron nitride (h-BN) have similar structure but different electrical properties. Because graphene / six boron nitride planar heterojunction has great potential in basic research and device exploration, it attracts much attention from academia. The preparation of graphene/h-BN planar heterojunction is usually prepared by graphene and h-BN in turn, or in reverse order. Due to the difficulty in controlling the nucleation of the subsequent thin films and the damage of the reaction gas in the growth process, the quality of the graphene/h-BN planar heterojunction is not satisfactory. Lu Guangyuan and Wu Tianru, the State Key Laboratory of the information functional materials of the Shanghai micro system, based on the research foundation of the high quality h-BN and graphene films grown on the copper nickel alloy substrate. The high quality graphene /h-BN flat surface heterojunction was prepared by deposition of h-BN single crystal. Due to the rapid growth of graphene on Cu Ni alloy, the shorter deposition time of graphene reduces the damage to h-BN films during the growth of graphene films. At the same time, due to the excellent catalytic ability of Cu Ni alloy, the random nucleation of Shi Moxi is eliminated at the same time in improving the crystal quality of the single crystal of boron nitride, which makes the crystalline domain of graphene only nucleate at the top corner of the trigonometric h-BN single crystal domain and grow along the h-BN edge. In cooperation with the team of Professor Jun Lou of Rice University in the United States, the project team uses a cooperative training program for doctoral graduate students to prepare a WSe2/ MoS2 two-dimensional photoelectric detector using graphene as a contact electrode and h-BN as an insulating substrate on the basis of the high quality graphene /h-BN planar heterojunction, and verifies the /h-BN plane heterojunction of the graphene /h-BN. The quality and electrical properties provide a basis for the basic research and the application of two-dimensional logic integrated circuits based on the heterojunction material platform.

The work has been supported by the major project of the Ministry of science and technology, "Research on the electronic materials and devices of wafer level graphene" and the research program of the CAS and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. (source: Shanghai Institute of microsystems and information technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

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