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Synthesis of boron oxide

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Synthesis method:

1, normal pressure method

The boric acid is sent to a heated kettle to heat up, and boric acid slowly dehydrated. When the temperature rises to 107.5 C, it changes into boric acid (HBO2), and changes to four boric acid (H2B4O7) at 150~160 C. The melt produces a large number of foam at above 650 C, and the temperature is kept at 800~1000 degrees C, and it is burned to red and no longer bubbling. The relative density of the melt is 1.52. When the ladder open drawing machine, temperature control at 700~900 DEG C. Then cut off the machine, wire drawing machine of boron oxide on the back cut to finished packaging, boron oxide. The reaction equation is as follows:

2. Vacuum method

Place boric acid in stainless steel dish, put it in oven for 1.5 h, then heat up to 150 C, heat 4 h. During heating, it should be constantly turned to make it dehydrate evenly. Then the material is removed, cooled, smashed, then placed in a vacuum oven, sealed, heated at 1.5 h at 220 degrees centigrade, then heated to 260 degrees centigrade, and heated 4 h. The material is then cooled and smashed into a tube furnace. The heating temperature is controlled at 280 C, and the 4H is dehydrated under vacuum to produce boric oxide products.

3. The crystalline boric acid is packed in a small dish. Put in the dry reactor with phosphorus pentoxide and completely dehydrated in vacuum heated to 200 DEG C. The vacuum degree provided by the water vacuum pump is enough, but the vacuum pump with high vacuum is best used. It is important to slowly increase the temperature to 200 degrees Celsius, or boric acid will further melting and hinder the escape of water vapor. The greater the amount used, the longer the time of heating at 200 degrees Celsius, and sometimes the heat preservation is more than 4H. For 3G boric acid, heating 1H is enough. In addition, boric acid can be dehydrated in dry air when the temperature is kept below 200 c. The dry air is the air by sulfuric acid, then through phosphorus pentoxide or porous barium oxide and drying

Boron oxide

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