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Use of monomer boron

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1. Neutron absorbers and neutron counters for nuclear reactors.

2. Catalysts for pharmaceuticals, ceramic industry and organic synthesis.

3. The ignition pole of the ignition tube in the electronic industry.

4. The high energy fuel of the solid rocket propeller.

5. Monomer boron should be used for the synthesis of various high purity boron compounds.

6, monomer boron should be used for automobile safety gas amount of initiator.

7. The monosomatic boron is used in the smelting of special alloy steel.

8. The monomer boron is the raw material for the production of boron fiber.

9. Monosomatic boron is a gas scavenger in molten copper.

10. The monomer boron can be used in the fireworks industry.

11, monomer boron is an important raw material for manufacturing high purity boron halide.

12, monomer boron in semiconductor, electric power aspect: for about 2300 C carbonization treatment, used as the cathode material of igniting core in igniting tube. It can also be used as raw material for preparing high quality cathode material lanthanum boride.

13, monomer boron in the atomic energy industry as a protective material, made of boron steel for nuclear reactor.

14, boron is the raw material for borane and various boride compounds. Borane can be used as a high-energy fuel for rockets and missiles.

Monosomatic boron

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