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Boron oxide structure properties of anhydrous borax manufacturer tell you

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The structural properties of boric oxide, borax manufacturers, tell you. Glass like boron oxide (g-B2O3) is likely to be a network structure formed by the orderly connection of many triangular BO3 elements through the shared oxygen atom part, in which the six membered ring B3O3 between boron and oxygen is dominant. In the six membered ring, the boron atoms are three coordinated and the oxygen atoms are two coordinated. The vitreous body at 325-450 C softening, its density increases with the heating conditions and have a range of variation. When heating, the disorder degree of the boron oxide structure in the vitreous body increases. More than 450 degrees of C will produce a polar - B=O base. At 1000 degrees C, the boron oxide vapor is composed of B2O3 monomer, and its structure is O=B O B=O.

Anhydrous borax


Under normal pressure, the liquid boron oxide is crystallized in the range of 200-250 C, which can form a common six square crystal boric oxide (alpha -B2O3). The structure of the boron oxide is almost all composed of triangular BO3 units.

At 22000atm and 400 degree C, the alpha -B2O3 is transformed into a high temperature and high pressure monoclinic crystal -B2O3. The transformation process is similar to the transformation of quartz to cozite under high pressure. In addition, the beta -B2O3 can also be crystallized by liquid boron at 40000atm and 600 degree C.

The bulk modulus of beta -B2O3 is very large (K = 180 GPa). The hardness of Vivtorinox g-B2O3 and beta -B2O3 is 1.5GPa and 16GPa respectively.

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